When Your Child Might Need Therapy

When you are a parent, it can be difficult to tell if your child needs to see a therapist.
Do you suspect your child is just going through a normal phase, that he or she might have deeper issues?
In either case, children can benefit from therapy just like adults. Read more on whether your child is a candidate for individual therapy.

Important Warning Signs

Has your once outgoing seven-year-old Joey become withdrawn and teary-eyed without any apparent cause?

Does little Susie worry over adult situations, or does Mary, your teen, seem depressed and moody?

All these situations warrant taking your child to see a therapist, but there are also other warning signs. Be extra cautious if your child:

  • Is late for school or classes on a consistent basis, or cuts school or his grades have dropped
  • Is being bullied, or has been bullying others
  • Isolates in her room and will not participate in family events
  • Loses interest in activities that were previously enjoyable
  • Becomes aggressive with people and/or animals
  • Complaints of stomachaches, headaches, or other bodily pains, even after passing a physical exam
  • Your family has experienced divorce, death, or illness, that you child is not coping with very well

Find Out what Your Child Can’t Tell You

If your child displays any of the above warning signs and won’t share with you, it’s important to talk with people who interact with him or her on a regular basis. This helps you gain insight into the situation.

  • For example, has Joey’s first-grade teacher noticed any changes in Joey’s behavior?
  • Does Susie’s afternoon sitter have anything to say about your daughter’s excessive worry?
  • Does your ex-husband notice Mary’s depression when she goes to his house on the weekends?

The Final Decision

Obtain Health in Jacksonville, Florida specializes in integrative medicine, including child therapy. If you are considering therapy for your child, contact Dr. O today for a consultation.

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