Mold Exposure Awareness

We all probably know one person that has experienced the negative influence of mold either at their workplace or home, whether they know it or not. Often chronically ill patients go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed because of the general lack of medical awareness of several environmental toxins. Here we will discuss the importance of one type of harmful environmental exposure, mold.
One recent study in the Journal of Environmental Health found that self-reported visible house mold was significantly associated with an increased number of upper respiratory tract infections in children. Awareness of mold exposures in the home and steps taken to mitigate these exposures can help improve the quality of life for children.

Another recent study correlated mold exposure and adult health, both mental and physical. It included a large, cross-sectional sample population of 18,356 adults in living in four different states. The study results suggest a relationship between visible mold and poor quality of health exhibited as mental and physical symptoms, and general unhealthy days. This study implies the need to reduce or if possible eliminate the amount of in-house mold to improve the quality of health for adults.

Often we dismiss a little exposure to one negative environmental factor such as mold. This can be problematic because the cumulative effect of many small exposures to environmental toxins can have a large impact on health. Mold is one of many factors that may be contribute to one’s total body toxic load and we encourage our readers to stay aware of their potential environmental toxin sources such as mold and to practice safety precautions to reduce exposure.


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