Massage Therapy Benefits for Infants and Kids

When many people think about massage therapy, they only think about how it benefits adults. However, both infants and children can benefit from getting massage therapy. There are a number of reasons that infants and children should get massage therapy.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Infants

Infants who are as young as three weeks old can benefit from getting a massage. A massage can soothe and comfort a newborn baby. Studies have shown that massage therapy helps decrease stress in infants. It also helps infants gain weight.

Massage therapy can boost an infant’s immune system. Babies are more prone to developing illnesses because their immune systems are weak. Colic, which is a common problem for infants, can be treated with massage therapy. It can also improve digestion. Additionally, massage therapy supports an infant’s emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Children

Massage therapy can help reduce growing pains. This is a problem that is common in school-aged children. Massage therapy can also reduce aggression and improve concentration in children. There has been evidence to suggest that children who receive massage therapy on a regular basis have a higher IQ than those who do not receive massages.

Asthma relief is another one of the benefits of massage therapy. Studies have also shown that massage therapy can alleviate juvenile rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Other conditions that can be improved by massage therapy include cystic fibrosis and anxiety. Furthermore, massage therapy can increase self-esteem.

Massage therapy is a part of holistic health care. Holistic health care is focused on keeping the mind and body health. If you are interested in getting holistic health care services, then you can contact Obtain Health. Dr. O is a board-certified physician who has many services that are designed to keep you healthy.

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