10 Things about Newborns

Babies have quite the reputation for being absolutely adorable and having an intoxicating smell, but many people aren’t aware that they come with a lot more interesting qualities, especially at first. If you’re about to be a first-time mom or dad, here are ten things you need to know about newborns.

1. Don’t Expect a Smile

A baby smiling or laughing can bring a lot of joy, but don’t expect that first smile or laugh until they are around 6 weeks old. Don’t let that get you down though. Babies love to be held, cuddled, and talked to by their mother or father and start forming those feelings of attachment very early on.

2. Sponge Baths are Key

After the baby is born, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord and the baby is left with what many call an “umbilical stump”. Parents usually like to see this fall off quickly, so keeping it dry will help to speed up this process.

3. A Stange Look

When babies are first born, they can look a little funny (but don’t tell them that). Lanugo, a fine coat of hair that covers the body, is normal as well as a puffy face. Don’t panic if their eyes don’t always focus at the same time, they’re still learning!

4. The Dreaded Soft Spot

Many people are worried about the babies soft spot, but it can handle a lot more than you would think. You can expect pulsating because it sits directly over the baby’s blood vessels.

5. Keep Lotion Handy

Babies have dry skin! Keeping their skin hydrated with a soothing baby lotion will keep them looking adorable, feeling great, and smelling even better.

6. Going Public

A lot of parents tend to hide out at home, but this isn’t necessary. What is necessary is to use common sense when you go out.

  • Keep baby out of sun
  • Don’t take them around sick people
  • Wash your hands and require others to wash their hands too

7. What’s With the Crying?

Crying is how babies communicate, so expect a lot of it in those early weeks. This is usually because they’re hungry, tired, cold, or maybe they just want to chat.

8. Sleep Sprints

It’s true, babies do sleep a lot. But don’t expect it all at once. Babies sleep in intervals, waking every 2-3 hours when they get hungry.

9. Growth Spurts

During growth spurts, your baby may sleep for long stretches, eat a lot, or cry. This is all normal and part of your baby growing up into a strong, healthy little human.

10. It Goes Quick

Many people think that the newborn stage seems to go on forever, but it’s actually really quick. Soak up every second by asking for help and accepting it when you need it, and spending as much time cuddling as possible.

With these ten fun facts about newborns, you’ll be ready to take off and enjoy every moment of your new baby. From baby’s first bath to family functions. For more information on your little one, Dr.O and her team will be standing by to answer any other questions you might have.

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