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Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville

  • Integrative medical services for children and young adults
  • Concierge medical consultations for severe and/or chronic conditions
  • Educate patients on methods to improve wellbeing
  • Communicate directly with medical professionals through the patient portal

Integrative Medical Groups

  • Concierge style medical services available for adults
  • High-quality care and expert medical professionals in a fully integrative facility
  • Specialize in obtaining wellness and the treatment of chronic conditions
  • Easy communication with physicians through the patient portal

Research and Family Resources

  • An on-site research facility that specializes in integrative clinical trials
  • Data-driven, evidence-based therapeutic practices in integrative healthcare
  • Family resources in a medical facility that includes Dr.O’s 5 pillars
  • Integrative adjunctive modalities help support bio-individualized patient treatment

ObtainHealth Journal

  • Engage in group discussions and share knowledge with medical colleagues
  • Discuss therapeutic and restorative practices with the medical community
  • Learn and exchange daily Integrative Medicine practices and concepts
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals to contribute to a larger understanding of bio-individualized medicine

ObtainHealth Online Shop

  • Shop at a convenient online store that delivers to your doorstep
  • Dr. O discusses the benefits of a customized product line
  • Order high-quality, hand selected, all natural supplements with ease
  • Our patient portal allows you to discuss your supplement choices with your provider

ObtainHealth Today

ObtainHealth is the umbrella organization and brainchild of Dr.O. It encapsulates more than 25 years of working with patients, research, integrative medicine education and dialogue with colleagues to create one cohesive vision. Her practice of personalized medicine is driven by one crystal clear vision: to heal the nation one family at a time.

Dr.O’s methodology delivers an integrative medical approach to healthcare by balancing traditional medicine with complementary modalities. Integrative medicine uses traditional medicine as an anchor to build on and allows the use of additional complementary modalities that are not available in conventional practices.

Our practices operate an on-site laboratory and state-of-the art medical facilities. Our approach is different from a conventional, quick, “assembly line” like prescription-driven medical mill because we believe good medicine takes time. Listening to the patient’s story, and educating and interacting with our patients are fundamental to our practice. Our interactive patient portal allows us to listen to our patient’s stories and interact beyond office hours. Additionally, our office hours are flexible to accommodate after hours and weekend appointments.


Meet Dr. O.

Dr. O is a board-certified physician, the founder of ObtainHealth, and the medical director of two cutting-edge integrative medicine practices, Integrative Medical Groups and Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville, Dr. O Pediatrics. Her practices emphasize the alignment of patient preferences with provider capabilities through a patient-centered approach that cultivates a physician-patient relationship, and easy, clear communication which results in a higher quality of healthcare.

Her therapeutic practice includes a synthesis of evidence-based scientific research with real world clinical experience to bring you a cohesive balance of complementary and alternative therapies with conventional Western medicine to create an environment with the best facets of both worlds.

More About Dr. O

ObtainHealth Education

  • We educate our patients on the paradigm shift from traditional to integrative medicine.
  • We educate our patients about their medical needs including integrative nutrition and diet support.
  • We provide school readiness services such as academic achievement, cognitive, and neuropsychiatric testing as well as autism evaluation.
  • We offer Kids Connect classes that facilitate play, social interaction in a social skill group, home school groups, parenting classes, special education evaluation, and instructional tutoring.
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